As accredited AFRA membership, AIR is doing Aircraft Dismantling following all the procedures required by the Best Practice for Management of Used Aircrafts Parts –Assemblies and for Recycling of Aircraft Materials, being able to recycle more than 90% of the components under the highest levels of environmental protection.

We have the ability of doing any project at any place on site, providing the customer the following services:

  • Removal and disposal of fluids (fuel and oil)
  • Removal and disposal of Hazardous materials and components
  • Removal of interior and insulation and disposal if customer demands it
  • Removal of parts list, identifying with electronic tags showing part number, serial number and aircraft identity, making an on line inventory of all parts with our customized software, making pictures of each part under demand.
  • Individual packaging for each component with bubble wrap, antistatic bubble wrap and identification tags
  • Dangerous goods approval for Road, Sea and Air Transport


AIR makes the scrap of aircrafts on site, moving our owned heavy machinery and trucks for the cutting and recycling of the material.

Once the work is finished, after processing all the material at our headquarter with our specialized recycling process, we issue the certificate of destruction according to the authority requirements

We have all the authorizations for managing hazardous and no hazardous wastes and transport for all them.

At our location in Zaragoza in the Parque Tecnológico de Reciclado López Soriano, we use our machinery to separate all the materials coming from an aircraft, after being inspected by the exploranium to check first if they material have any radioactive rate.

In the shredder machine we separate ferrous from no ferrous materials. All the inert material are separated for it own special treatment.

Once we have classified all the materials, we have the last process for the aluminum, using a complete automated process to recuperate high quality fragmentized and floated aluminum scrap optimum for smelters to produce AS9U3 alloys.

We recycle 100% of the parts of each engine, assuring that all the elements are fully destroyed, according to the requirements of the sector.

We have a highly qualified team and the necessary equipment to adapt or rebuilt any part of the aircraft to the customer requirements. Such modifications includes to do structural cuttings in fuselage, cabin or cockpit to be reused in simulators or training schools.
We also manage transportation and logistics under customer demand.

Main projects finished:

  • Cutting of Airbus 300 structure for Flight Attendants simulator in Valencia
  • A340 cutting , transportation and logistics for training school in France
  • A320 cutting for training school in Canary Island
  • B737 cutting and structure rebuilt for simulator for explosive detection robot company.

We also have material to rent for movies and TV programs.

We have a 16 meters long aircraft fuselage section of a MD88, complete with interiors, available for rent for filming movies and/or tv commercials.

Diameter is 3,36 m and it is 16m long, so it is easily transportable by truck anywhere

If you are a company in the sector wishing to receive further information regarding our services, please contact us